Board of Director Elected Positions

Board members have established the following results for 2015 calendar (and beyond):

Herb Simmerman- Community Lay Director
Pastor Jack Orr- Community Spiritual Director
Debbie Campion- Assistant Community Lay Director
Keith Vine- GSWTE Secretary
Bill Whittles- Financial Sec’y
Yvonne Vine- Treasurer

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Class of 2017 Election Results

All 6 nominees will have a position on the GSWTE Board.They were elected during our quarterly Gathering in November. They represent the Class of 2017 as per the election results. Although the option for write-in candidates was exercised (as part of the election procedure), none were offered.

Your Class of 2017 Board members (in alphabetical order) include;

Ann Canter
Judy Niessner
LouAnn O’Shields
Charlie Ryan
Roger Shapley
Keith Vine

Many thanks to all who voted on line, and many thanks to those who voted in person and enjoyed our quarterly Gathering.

De Colores, Charlie Burch
Community Lay Director 2014
Garden State Walk To Emmaus

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