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  1. kristy phrampus

    I attended a walk back in 2008. I would love to volunteer for a walk. It is such a peaceful place to be. Please send any information that I would need to 920 hill lane mill ville,nj 08332. Thank you so much!

    • Kathy Torrence

      Kristy –

      De Colores!

      If you are interested in serving on team, please contact our team selection chair, Cheryl Czech at teamselection@gardenstateemmaus.org. The team resume form is available for download at our website under “Forms”.

      I will add your email address to our contact list for newsletters and other information related to our Emmaus community.

      We hope to see you soon!

      GSWE Secretary

  2. Debbie Campion

    I am trying to download a form for Pilgrim application and Sponsorship form. It will not open and download. IS there a way you can e-mail the applications. I have two pilgrims that need to get in an application.

    • Kathy Torrence

      Debbie –

      I just emailed you copies of the forms – I was able to successfully download them from the website.

      Thanks –

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