Fall Garden State Walk to Emmaus Walk #42

The Fall 2015 Walk dates are:

Sept 25-27 Team Training

Oct 8-11 Men’s Walk at South Seaville
Oct. 15-18 Women’s Walk at South Seaville

Nov. 7th Fourth Day celebration for Walk #42 @ Epworth UMC

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  1. Mary Priggemeier

    I have a friend at work interested in attending the Women’s Walk in October. Is registration still open?

    • Kathy Torrence

      Mary – I believe registration is still open. Contact the registrar using the email address listed on the Contacts menu on the website.

  2. Bruce Hillner

    Please let me know if the men’s weekend is on or is filled up.
    When is the last date to apply for the men’s weekend?

    • Kathy Torrence

      The men’s weekend is still on and will still accept applications, I believe. Please contact our registrar using the email address listed under the Contacts menu.

  3. Diane Moretz

    Greetings in the Precious Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am sponsoring Anita Poinsett, Trinity United Methodist Church, Bordentown, for the October 15-18, 2015 Women’s Walk at South Seaville. Because of the distance to the Walk from my home in Hamilton, NJ, I was looking to find a rental nearby for the duration of the Walk…would you possibly know of a place? PS I attended May 17-20, 2007; Walk #32; my Table was Keturah… Thank you.

    Your Sister In Christ,
    Diane Moretz

    • Kathy Torrence

      Diane – I am not sure of a rental nearby, but perhaps some of our other community members may.